This Mental Health Monday, lets just look at something simple. The simple act being sensitive. Ofcourse, no one really means to be mean, we’re just not mindful enough, not sensitive enough.

Now these words in the picture to the right are usually used as adjectives. They are urban slangs basically, and a part of our everyday urban vocab. But that’s not right, is it? how many times have you heard yourself say ‘Just because everyone does it, it doesn’t become right’ ?  Let’s stop this. Mental illnesses are no joke and everyone knows that.

Let’s not talk small of it. Let’s not say I don’t mean offense or talk small of those affected. Let us not say it’s just an expression or its just the way we talk and get away with it. It’s not easy changing the world and its even harder changing oneself. Let us accept that if we as a people want to create a society with better mental health then we need to make these changes to our lives, everyone’s lives.


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