Easy because we are lazy

Being able is not the reason,
Neither is it our wisdom,

Not that we care,
Not that we are scared,

The uncertainty of our ability,
The certainty of the infeasibility,

The mind takes a guided course,
Of which, it itself is the source,

Which it does frequently,
Carrying it out eloquenty,

Doing things because it’s easy,
Promoting the ignorant and the lazy.

#Easyway #BeingIgnorant #BeResponsible #poem

The Paradox of Vocab

Cat one: Aren’t you too drunk already?
Cat Two: Bro, do you know what happens when I drink more?
Cat One: What?
Cat Two: My hands shake more; and what happens when my hands shake more?
Cat One: I don’t know
Cat Two: I spill more!
Cat One: Okay?
Cat Two: And the more I spill the less I drink
Cat One: Yes?
Cat Two: And so you see Dear Watson, the more I drink the less I drink, and in order to drink less I need to drink more.
Cat One: uh! I need another drink.

Kitty Party

Cat One: That’s balderdash.
Cat Two: What the hell’s a balderdash??
Cat One: It means nonsense, I meant you don’t make sense.
Cat Two: Oh, why didn’t you say so?
Cat One: I did, and I used less words in doing that, it’s called using your vocabulary.
Cat Two: And how do you earn this vocabulary?
Cat One: By reading – by learning more words
Cat Two: So you mean to say, I have to learn more words so that I can speak in less words?
Cat One: Yes!
Cat Two: Isn’t that just like my drinking paradox, my Watson?
Cat One: Balderdash!