The Strong and The Weak


The emotions they feel,
The dreamers, they dream,
The world doesn’t care, but,
In captivity, they breed.

The once expressing eyes,
Doesn’t wet, in good-byes,
Lost is the grin,
When the vibes are genuine.

Peeping in the subconscious,
Their manifestation, subtle,
Pushed back deliberately,
In the morning, eloquently.

The more they are repressed,
The better, it’s addressed,
The world needs the strong,
For the weak, always wrong.

Though the night, dark and long,
Stand still and stand strong,
For the weak always wrong,
Away from the weak, follow the strong.

Easy because we are lazy

Being able is not the reason,
Neither is it our wisdom,

Not that we care,
Not that we are scared,

The uncertainty of our ability,
The certainty of the infeasibility,

The mind takes a guided course,
Of which, it itself is the source,

Which it does frequently,
Carrying it out eloquenty,

Doing things because it’s easy,
Promoting the ignorant and the lazy.

#Easyway #BeingIgnorant #BeResponsible #poem

Inhuman or Insensitive

I feel all of us go through some tough times and we have no option but to be strong. There can be a clear mismatch as to what our mind and what our heart wants us to do. I wrote the below lines, keeping this in mind.

Let me know if you can relate to it and answer the below questions:

When the moments are frozen in the heart,

When the tears are frozen in the eyes,

When the mind dodges the emotions,

When the gestures betray the feelings,

Are we living the moment?
Are we becoming more mature?


Are we becoming more inhuman?
Are we becoming more insensitive?